2 Things That Might Happen to You if You Don’t Sign a Non-Compete Agreement

by 48 Minutes | Sunday, Mar 26, 2017 | 458 views

Man signing an agreementSo, you found “the employer of your dreams.” You will get your desired salary, you’ll work in a welcoming environment, and getting overworked is the least of your problems. The catch is, your dream employer asked you to sign a non-compete agreement.

A non-compete agreement is a contract that you should honor. For a period of time, you cannot work for another employer who may be a direct competitor of your dream employer. Should you sign, or should you turn to a Denver family law attorney handling employment transactions first?

You May Have to Say Goodbye to Your Current Job

If your employer calls you over to sign a non-compete agreement, you can say no. You have the right to do so. You are already hired, so you think it’s uncalled for to be asked to sign a random agreement.

But, your employer has rights, too. If your employer does not feel you are on the same side by not signing a non-compete agreement, you’re on the losing end. You may get fired.

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You May Need to Find Another Employer

Your future employer may give you a non-compete agreement before you are hired. Many people think this is relatively fair (compared to being given a non-compete after being hired). This way, all the cards are already on the table.

To put it simply, If you sign the non-compete agreement, you will get the job. If you don’t, you may want to start searching for another employer.

Conclusion: Maybe You Should Sign

You are not required to sign a non-compete agreement. The choice is always up to you, but it pays to know what could happen. Just be ready for the possibilities.

Do you need help? Maybe you need enlightenment about the better option? Why not knock on a Denver family law attorney’s door? If you do, you’ll get much-needed employment advice.

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