3 Employee Termination Mistakes You Should Avoid

by 48 Minutes | Wednesday, Jul 11, 2018 | 179 views

a boss firing her employeeFiring an employee is a difficult choice to make. Moreover, you must follow and stick to the ethics and statutory procedures put in place. Besides, employees have their rights also documented and violating any of them might land you in big trouble.

Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid when terminating your employees:

Failure to give notice

Termination can stir emotions. There can be hard feelings between the employee and the employer. Also, there can be an exchange of words between the two. At this point, rushed but careless decisions can be made.

As an employer, you must remember that there are laws that protect your employees and whatever you say and the decision you make can be used against you. Therefore, you must always ensure that you fire your employees soberly and in line with employment laws.

Lack of a just reason

In some states, the mediation employment law only protects registered employees. However, there are some particular groups of people in the society that are still protected by the same code in other states, whether registered by their employer or not. So, terminating any of them without substantiating your reasons may land you at the court.

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For instance, you cannot terminate someone with reasons based on their gender, disability status, race, or religion. Such is a capital offense that can cost you thousands of dollars or land you in prison.

Lack of documentation

As you launch your claims to terminate an employee, you must also have adequate proof. Besides all the standard documents, poor performance and workplace misconduct should be documented. Unfortunately, most employers have always ignored documenting their relationship with employees.

Employee termination shouldn’t make you frequent the roads to the court. Instead, it should be as smooth as hiring a new worker. Involving every stakeholder and following the right steps reduce employment termination risks.

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