3 Factors That Will Determine How Much You Pay a Lawyer

by 48 Minutes | Wednesday, Feb 14, 2018 | 361 views

Lawyer talking to a womanThat you need an attorney to represent you when facing a legal issue is without question. In fact, the kind of lawyer you hire affects the outcome of the case significantly. Of course, factors such as experience, communication, and availability are very important in looking for a lawyer.

But, there’s also the question of cost. How much will you pay for the right attorney’s services? Here are three factors that will determine that.

1. The attorney’s billing method

The majority of lawyers charge per hour. Many Townsville family law firms will calculate the amount of time a lawyer will spend on your case and charge you an amount proportionate to that.

Sometimes, an attorney might charge you a flat rate, for instance, during the writing of a will. They could also charge on a contingency basis, especially if the case involves personal injury.

2. The lawyer’s experience

A lawyer who’s been arguing cases similar to yours for two decades will definitely be more knowledgeable than a fresh graduate. As a seasoned lawyer will always be in high demand, you can expect them to charge a higher rate for their services.

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3. Reputation and size of the law firm

Solo practitioners or lawyers from smaller law firms will typically charger lower rates than attorneys from larger and more successful firms. In the end, of course, you want a favourable outcome to the case, which is why paying a little extra for the best legal counsel and representation makes sense.

If, however, the matter you are dealing with isn’t too complex and a smaller law firm has a stellar reputation, go ahead and work with them.

What you’re going to pay for legal representation is definitely an aspect you cannot overlook when hiring an attorney. Ultimately, you want to know that you’re getting your money’s worth.

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