3 Safety Reminders for Motorcycle Riders

by 48 Minutes | Thursday, Jul 5, 2018 | 87 views

Biker Driving a MotorcycleJust like in any other vehicle, you need to take all the necessary precautions when riding a motorcycle, especially if you’re a first-time rider.

There’s a reason experts and authorities keep reminding motorists to wear proper safety gear and obey road signs. Just recently, the Department of Transportation in Colorado reported a total of 263 fatal crashes for this year alone (January to June 2018). You can even check the archives of different motorcycle crashes from The Denver Post.

The Law Offices of John D. Halepaska suggests that you call a motorcycle injury lawyer in Denver when you get involved in an accident. To increase awareness, here are some important safety reminders when riding a motorcycle:

Always Wear Your Helmet

While it’s not illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet in some states, you cannot put yourself or your passenger at risk. Head and neck injuries are very common for motorcyclists. Be sure to use quality helmets with hard exterior shells and proper vents. There are also new models with added safety and comfort features, such as comfort liners, retention system, and durable visors.

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Check Your Lighting

Before taking a trip with your motorcycle, ensure that both headlights and taillights are functioning properly. If you’re used to driving a car or a truck, you should know how difficult it is to see motorcycles on your blind spots. This device is a big help for other motorists to prevent accidents.

Inspect the Mirrors

The same routine with your lights, make proper adjustments to your mirrors. Take a short trip to check if you can see clearly on both sides, including the rear view.

A simple safety routine can make a big difference while you’re on the road. In case you get involved in an accident, consult a lawyer immediately.

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