3 Telltale Signs Your Marriage is Facing Divorce

by 48 Minutes | Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018 | 207 views

Couple in marriage therapyMarriage is an agreement that needs protection. It’s something that you should wholeheartedly cherish, grow, and enrich. However, there are situations and instances that will test the strength of your bond. If you happen to get past them, your marriage can be deemed blessed.

There are some cases, unfortunately, where the seemingly best ways to protect your marriage cannot save it. In this case, there’s a chance that it may lead to a divorce.

Now, there are signs that will easily tell if your relationship is doomed to be broken. Here are some of them, as attested by counselors and reliable divorce attorneys in Boulder.

You put things under the rug

Married life comes with many different challenges, some of which should be addressed as soon as possible. If you and your significant other have a habit of ignoring problems, there will be a long-term effect. Having an elephant in the room can cause heartbreaks, which ultimately leads to a breakup.

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Stonewalling is the name of game

Stonewalling is an act of not responding to the concerns of the other party. It’s the unwillingness to respond to an argument. This causes frustrations, anger, and paranoia. Depending on the intention, stonewalling can be an abusive behavior since it can cause you to come up with baseless assumption.

You lost respect

Ultimately, when things and problems culminate, you will end up losing respect for each other. When that happens, the love that used fill the marriage will be replaced with hatred. This is where things get clear, and this is where you will think about getting a divorce.

These are only some of the signs that may tell you where your marriage is headed. If things can still be solved, do it as soon as possible.

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