3 Things to Prepare For Your First Meeting With Your Lawyer

by 48 Minutes | Thursday, Jun 15, 2017 | 448 views

Woman meeting her lawyer for the first timeWhether it’s a civil or criminal case, meeting with your lawyer or even a team of lawyers can be daunting. And for some people, it can even be scary. Even if you know that you’re innocent, meeting with a legal team can be intimidating.

But knowing what to prepare and how to prepare for it can help you make the most of your initial consultation. Consider these tips if you’re planning to visit any of the law firms in Townsville.

1. Be prepared to provide your contact information.

If you’re still in the process of searching for a law firm, you don’t need to provide any more than the basics such as a mobile number and email address. But if you’re already made your choice, you need to provide them with information about you and how to contact you.

These often include the following: home and work addresses, employer’s name, and a series of phone and fax numbers for your home, work, and mobile, and of course, your personal and work email addresses. It might be uncomfortable to share contact details for your work, so mention to your lawyer that you prefer to be contacted at home or vice versa.

2. List down the case’s key facts.

When you’re in distress, it might be hard to get your head around the case. This is where lawyers and paralegals come in to get the basic facts from you. But if you’re able, it’s best to list down key facts about your case before the first meeting. This will give you more time during the consultation to consult your lawyer about the next move.

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Some of the basic facts include the names of the people involved in a dispute; the date, time, and venue when the problem began; the type of legal problem (be it a divorce, harassment at work, etc.) and current state of the problem. Some clients opt to share facts through a narrative, but if you do remember specific dates and times, make sure you jot them down on a piece of paper so you can have a cheat sheet during your narrative.

3. Be prepared to share financial standing and information.

Normally when your case is a divorce or child custody, you will be asked to provide financial information such as credit card balances, savings, investments, personal or family debts, stocks and bonds, pension plans, and other related information that could arise during the case. Before you meet with your lawyer, get your financial information in order so you can quickly provide them during the first meeting.

Be Prepared

The key is in the preparation. If you know how to prepare for your first consultation with the legal team, the more in control you will feel. Moreover, you will be guaranteed that you don’t waste precious hours going back and forth and you’ll make the most of your first meeting with the lawyer.

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