3 Types of Employees That are Bad for Your Business

by 48 Minutes | Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017 | 214 views

Employees gossiping As your company grows, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that your own employees can ruin your business. Here are three ways that your own people can be your own letdown.

Employees who love to gossip

While you can’t avoid office gossip, you’ll find that there are employees who take office gossip to a whole new level. This type of employee “weaponizes” a gossip to make others look bad and themselves look good. It ruins reputations and even creates an uncomfortable ambiance in the workplace.

While employers can’t fire people for merely gossiping, do watch out for this type of employee. That’s why many business owners are advised to hire business lawyers to help avoid and manage employee-related issues that might arise, including the ones that start from one small gossip in the workplace. Every type of business require legal protection, so Miller & Steiert, P.C. reminds everyone to ensure that you contact a reputable business lawyer for your own good.

Employees who stab others in the back

Gossiping about one employee is one thing. Stabbing others at the back and throwing them under the bus is another. When an issue arises in the workplace, someone will always be on the receiving end of a blame. While peer loyalty can be a good thing, lying isn’t. Do watch out for those who appear too eager to throw others under the bus, especially if he or she is partly to blame. This just shows that the employees don’t know about accountability.

Employees who are just here for the money.

The reality is that people work to get paid. They need money to pay the bills. However, there are some people who are just working day in and day out for the money. They don’t care about improving themselves, so they can get a promotion. They don’t care about moving up. Disengagement in the workplace can be a dangerous thing because it can be contagious. One bad apple can ruin the entire batch.

There’s no exact science on how to hire good employees. It’s often a miss and hit, but do watch out for these types of employees and handle them accordingly so they don’t end up ruining what you’ve built.

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