4 Best Practices to Secure Your Online Business

by 48 Minutes | Tuesday, May 23, 2017 | 454 views

Online SecurityOnline businesses are sprouting every day – selling clothes, cosmetics, shoes and even lunches. If you are one of the many hardworking digital entrepreneurs, make sure your business is safe from harmful entities. Below are four ways to do that.

Choose a Secure E-Commerce Platform

Before building your website, check the effectiveness and security measures taken by your chosen e-commerce platform. Are you planning to use Magento, WordPress, or WooCommerce? Whichever you choose, make sure it maintains PCI compliance requirements, a set of standards that protects online merchants and the customers who trust them with financial data.

Register Your Trademark

When you register a trademark, you are protecting not only your business name but the identity of your products and services as well. A firm that provides legal services in Townsville says a registered trademark prevents other businesses from imitating your brand and allows you to stop entities from trading with it. You can apply for a trademark through the IP Australia website.

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Use a Virtual Private Network

Hackers work non-stop to steal your customers’ money and personal information. When this occurs, your business may just have reached its downfall. Prevent this by using a virtual private network service. Through an encrypted connection, a virtual private network connects you to a secure offsite server, preventing third parties from accessing your information.

Consider Insurance

These days, several insurance companies are offering coverage for online businesses, whether big or small. Consider investing in one and make sure it can protect your organisation not only from data breaching but false clients as well. Investigate on the types of insurance available and whether the cost is worth the protection.

Not having a physical store does not mean it is safe from thieves lurking around. Keep your customers’ information, as well as the assets of your company, safe by following these tips.

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