4 Don’ts When Dealing With Child Custody Issues

by 48 Minutes | Thursday, Apr 12, 2018 | 255 views

Custody issue discussion with lawyerA divorce can be one of the most emotionally draining experiences a person would go through. When there are matters of child custody involved, the experience can be even more harrowing. To make things easier for everyone involved, especially the kids, avoid doing the following things at all costs.

1. Going at it alone

You can choose to represent yourself pro se during a child custody battle. If you have no experience in these matters, then you stand a better chance working with a reputable attorney in Townsville with expertise in family law. Often, what seemed like a small issue can quickly become complicated, but a competent attorney should help you go through it successfully.

2. Badmouthing your ex-spouse

Understandably, you may still be bitter with the other parent during a divorce, but you need to resist the urge to say bad things about them to the kids. Be careful when talking about your spouse to a friend within your children’s earshot. You’ll get to blow off some steam, but in the end, you may undermine your child’s relationship with the other parent.

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3. Giving your ex-spouse the silent treatment

After all the pain and disappointment your ex-spouse put you through, they may be the last person you want to speak to. That’s fair enough, but remember you have children, and they need you to communicate. As they see you speak to each other freely and get to experience attention from both parents, they grow into healthy children.

4. Denying the other parent access to the child

When preventing the other parent from seeing their children is in their best interest, then you can go ahead with it. But if the other parent does not pose any physical or emotional threat to the child, then denying them access to their kids is a terrible thing to do. In a worst-case scenario, you may even end up losing custody of your child.

Child custody matters can be quite complicated for all involved. Do not try to make the burden heavier by doing things you shouldn’t.

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