4 Top Signs it’s Time to Find a New Lawyer

Lawyer showing a document to a clientWhen you’ve had the same attorney for years, letting them go can be a painful decision. Few relationships can be as close as that between a client and their lawyer. However, a time comes when changing lawyers is in your best interest. Here are telltale signs it’s you need a new law firm, according to Albuquerque family lawyers.

You Can No Longer Afford Them

While fees should never be the primary reason to choose a lawyer, it’s still a major factor. If you have to pay your attorney through the nose, it’s no longer worth it. It makes more sense to look for lawyers whose rates you can comfortably afford.

There’s a Communication Breakdown

If you have to leave a hundred voice messages before getting through to your attorney, it’s time to bench them. Your lawyer needs to keep communication open, especially if you have an ongoing lawsuit. But even if you don’t have a case in court, situations that need immediate legal representation can arise out of nowhere. You want to know they’ll be there for you.

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Your Attorney Is Suddenly Too Busy

Your attorney may be the best in town, but if you have to wait in their office for hours to see them, it’s time to take a walk. You want someone who is available to you at your convenience, not theirs. Sure, there may be times when they’re held up elsewhere, but they should create a chance to see you as soon as possible.

You Need Someone with Another Specialization

A situation may arise when your current attorney, excellent as they may be, won’t be able to help you at all. For instance, your business lawyer will not be so helpful if you need legal assistance for your divorce. It makes more sense to look for someone who specializes in such matters.

Your lawyer is your first line of defense when it comes to legal matters. When you’re sure that your current attorney is no longer suitable for you, looking for a new one may be the best decision.

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