Accused of a Criminal Offense? Do These Immediately

by 48 Minutes | Monday, Jan 30, 2017 | 410 views

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Being accused of a criminal offense can be a very scary moment that could involve visions of being convicted and sentenced to maximum jail time. Don’t feel helpless, though. Instead, know there are ways you can increase the chances of a successful defense by staying level-headed. Here are the ways you can make it easy for you and your legal team to make your case in court:

Keep all Physical Evidence

If you think a piece of evidence is incriminating, what would be your initial reaction? To get rid of it, right? Well, don’t. Keep every piece of evidence in your home. CDs, clothing, video files, photos — anything and everything. Bring them to your lawyer’s attention and to see if they could help with your case. As for your social media accounts, don’t rush and wipe them all clean. Instead, keep all the accounts and data as private as possible and turn them over to your lawyers.

Limit Your Interactions

As much as possible, keep the details of your case under wraps. Fight the urge to defend yourself in any place outside of court. It may be difficult but only confiding in your lawyer will ensure that you don’t accidentally say anything that could harm your case. Beyond the Miranda Rights, ask your lawyers about all your legal rights as a mere suspect so you can be vigilant yourself.

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Don’t Talk to the Accuser

In many cases, the accuser can be a familiar person. Of course, a direct confrontation can be very tempting, especially if the case comes out of the blue. Avoid making a scene at all costs. Focus on building a solid defense because that will determine the outcome of such an ordeal.

List Possible Witnesses

Memories during the time of the incident are freshest when the case is still in the initial stages. Get a piece of paper and jot down important details you remember. More importantly, list down all possible witnesses for the case. Think of people who can testify for your innocence.

Contact a Lawyer ASAP

If it has not been clear so far, a lawyer is absolutely necessary when facing criminal charges. If you don’t have one, then you will be assigned a lawyer — the Constitution guarantees that you will have an attorney no matter what. Furthermore, criminal defense lawyers suggest being prompt so the legal team can prepare a defense immediately.

It is a terrifying ordeal to even simply face a criminal court as the accused. No one, however, has to face this without going to a fair trial. By keeping a cool head and following the mentioned tips, moving forward in the process of absolving your name can be easier.

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