Advice for Fathers on Child Custody: Your Rights and Battle Tactics

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Child hugging his fatherIt is common thinking that mothers are better suited to raise children. When a divorce it forthcoming, or when unmarried parents decide to go their separate ways, it is expected that mothers will be given the responsibility to raise the child. Given this belief, fathers are already at a disadvantage. How can you win the custody battle and still be part of your child’s life?

Knowledge is power

More fathers are obtaining custody and those who win the battle arm themselves with knowledge of the law. The first step you must take is to find a competent firm of child custody attorneys in Santa Fe. If you want the answer to, “Who gets the kids?” to be you, the lawful father, be proactive.

There are four types of custody, and you must think about what to fight for in the court of law. Sole legal custody is rare. Joint custody is more often awarded to both parties so that parents have opportunities to participate in a child’s upbringing. Do you want legal custody so that you can make important decisions in your child’s education, religion, and healthcare? Meanwhile, physical custody involves living with your child. The other parent will only have visitation rights. Are you equipped for physical custody, or do you see yourself as the non-custodial party?

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Advice for single fathers

You must endeavor to show the court you are the better parent if you want sole custody of your child. A single father can win a custody battle if he has a strong case against the birth mother. The court will grant a single father sole custody rights if there is proof of paternity if the father has a relationship with the child, and if the mother has issues to deal with that would be detrimental to the child’s welfare.

A court of law will make decisions on custody matters based on your child’s best interests. You can win a custody battle if you show your mettle—as a father who can raise your child to the best of your ability.

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