An Act of Love: When Should You Place Your Baby for Adoption?

by 48 Minutes | Wednesday, Aug 19, 2015 | 589 views

Baby for AdoptionThe decision of a mother or birth parent to place their baby up for adoption isn’t always simple. When you place your baby up for adoption, you are not giving up — instead, you are choosing life for your child. Putting their needs ahead of your own, after all, is an act of pure love.

Here’s when you should give serious thought to placing your baby for adoption:

Lack of Resources or Support

You may give up your child for adoption if you lack the financial means to raise a child. Sometimes, it’s better to give your child to someone who can afford to put food on the table and make education possible for them.

If you are in an abusive relationship, or the other parent of the child is not providing support, you may not want your baby to experience the same hardship, too. In this case, placing your baby for adoption via or any other reputable adoption center would be a better choice.

Birth Mothers’ Age

You may feel that your age gives your baby an unfair advantage. If you become pregnant during your teenage years, you may choose an adoption as an alternative if you feel you cannot take responsibility of being a parent at such a young age.

Culture, Morals, and Religion

Some cultures and religions strictly disapprove of having a child out of wedlock. If this is your case, placing your baby for adoption may be a good choice. Instead of having an abortion, deliver the baby and give the blessing of a child to another family who would be willing to take care and love the child.

In some cultures, birth mothers place a baby up for adoption if their culture prefers one gender over the other.

Single Parenting

If the other parent leaves the child up to you, you may consider adoption. You may also choose adoption if the birth father is unwilling to take custody of the baby or offer financial support. All mothers, despite their age or race, need moral support when raising their children. If you feel alone in this daunting yet wonderful journey of motherhood, you may consider giving your baby up for adoption.

Remember, though that the term “adoption” is not synonymous the phrase, “giving up”. No, you’re not giving up your child — you’re simply choosing to give them to someone who can give them everything you can’t.

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