Before Thinking of Driving Under the Influence in Queensland, Don’t

by 48 Minutes | Tuesday, Jan 24, 2017 | 419 views

DUI Law in QueenslandThere’s no such thing as safe drink driving.

Most Australians ride a car so often that we tend to forget how hard it is to be behind the wheel. You need rapid reflexes, total concentration and good coordination. It’s not the time to make bad decisions, or you’re putting someone’s life in danger.

Drinking alcohol takes away this control. Queensland considers drink driving a very serious offence potentially leading to fines, licence disqualification, loss of job and worse, imprisonment.

If you’re charged with drink driving, call your lawyers in Townsville immediately. You will need all the legal help you can get.

What Happens If You’re Charged?

The severity of your penalty depends on your blood alcohol content (BAC) and traffic history. A magistrate will determine how long your licence will be disqualified and whether you will pay a fine or be sentenced to a term of imprisonment.

For first-time offenders, A BAC of 15.0 and over can lead to up to six months of licence disqualification at minimum and nine months of imprisonment or a maximum of $3,413 in fines.

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If your BAC is less than 0.5, you may be facing three to nine months of licence disqualification, $1,706 in fines or three months imprisonment.

If you’re charged with repeat drink driving, you may have your car impounded and your licence disqualified for up to two years. The court will also require you to pay a fine of $7,314 or sentence you to a term of imprisonment as determined by them.

Don’t Risk It

People are often charged with drink driving simply because they don’t understand Queensland’s DUI laws. Get in touch with a lawyer for legal advice and representation even if you don’t intend to fight the charges.

With the help of your lawyer, your personal circumstances can be best explained to the Magistrate, which will maximise your chance of receiving the lowest penalty possible. Often, the line between a sentence and a favourable outcome is competent legal representation.

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