Buff Not Fluff: Legal Writing in a Nutshell

Attending a Paralegal SchoolWhether you’re a lawyer or a paralegal, not only will your superiors judge you for your interpersonal relationships, but for your research and writing skills, as well.

Attending a paralegal school, whether online or not, is a big leap, lest you already have a law background. Should you decide to make a career out of this, or if you’re just in it for the useful knowledge that you can use in your current job, one of the most important things you’ll learn is how to research efficiently and write persuasively. After all, there’s only one goal: to win.

Persuasive Writing in the Legal Circles

Writing has many purposes, such as to entertain and to inform. For those practicing in various legal fields, they write to win. Legal writing serves different purposes in an attorney-client relationship – to inform, address concerns, and build trust, to name a few.

One way of making legal write-ups as persuasive as possible is through the omission of adverbs. The lack of adverbs makes the paragraphs more precise, focusing on what needs to be said instead of beating around the bush.

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The Makings of a Legal Writer

What makes a legal writer capable? For starters, legal writers need to do their research and understand their client’s problem. Legal research does not stop at looking at articles or documents online; books and other print materials still provide more relevant information. They should also be able to provide an accurate conclusion and one that even outsiders will understand.

As far as legal writing goes, an inspiration for some may come in the form of Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court. A highly articulate advocate of originalism, he is deemed worthy of the title as one of the federal judiciary’s best writers.

Should you push through with attending a school for paralegals, this move should hopefully encourage you to shift to a career where you would work in close collaboration with other people and contribute to improving their lives. When you do, remember that your legal writing capability will be an essential skill.

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