Common Complaints Against Electric Companies

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Electric meterUtility companies are virtual monopolies and are usually the only ones that offer the service in any given area. However, when encountering problems with their service, they might not be quick to resolve the issue.

When you are having problems with this, filing utility company complaints in SC can help resolve the problem. A few common problems make up the bulk of electricity company complaints.

Common Complaints

The three most common complaints against electric companies are those of unknown fees, poor customer service, and meter reading errors. Unknown fees refer to items on the utility bill that have not been explained properly, vaguely described or look suspicious.

In some instances, there are utility bill items that should not be included. At other times, the computation for these line items may be off or too high. When there is any dispute about these unknown fees, or when these items are doubtful it is best to file a complaint with the electric company.

Poor customer service is a common occurrence in any industry. There are many reasons for this, including lack of training, rude customer service, no resolution, and others. Some companies have a service level agreement with their vendors. These are parameters the company promises to follow.

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Included in these minimum service levels is the amount of time needed to resolve an issue or the turnaround time for an email. For phone support, random recordings help with quality assurance.

When the customer support representative is not being helpful or being rude, an email to the company complaining about the support quality usually leads to some improvements.

Meter Reading Issues

Meter reading errors usually result from incorrect estimates or no readings at all. There have been instances when no reading has been done for several billing cycles, and then when a reading is done, the bill comes with a demand letter. The owner can request an immediate reading to resolve the issue.

When a consumer files a complaint against a utility company and it is not resolved, they can seek resolution with the state’s Public Service Commission. The most common customer complaints include unknown fees, poor customer service, and meter reading errors.

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