Defenses Attorneys Use on DUI Cases

DUI Defenses Used by Attorneys in SpringfieldIf you have been charged with DUI or DWI, your best defense is to get an experienced lawyer. However, as in any criminal arrest, strong defense strategies are essential to winning. Here are the most appropriate defenses your attorney can use to prove your innocence.

Common Defenses

In most arrests, defendants will challenge the authorities’ testimony against their behavior. Therefore, the main focus boils down on the potential flaws during the arrest.

Improper Stop

DUI attorneys in Springfield, Illinois say that this defense may be used if the motorist has been asked to stop for no reason at all. Normally, officers can tell if a driver is drunk by his driving behavior. For example, if a motorist slows down suddenly after driving too fast and then switch to running slow again, then this could be a sign that the driver is drunk.

Wrong Administration of Breathalyzers

Both portable and station breathalyzers work in the same way with the difference that portable ones are less accurate. If improperly maintained and calibrated, there will be chances that they are not going to give accurate results.

False BAC Results

The breathalyzer test may have been properly administered, but the result is not enough proof of alcohol content in blood. Medications, mouthwashes, and hyperacidity can confuse breathalyzers and cause them to give false results.

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Absence of Miranda Warnings

When officers failed to warn you about your rights to an attorney or that anything you say or do may be used against you during the arrest, then your attorney can exclude particular evidence during the trial.

Countering Field Sobriety Test Results

Field sobriety tests include walking on a straight line, balancing on one foot, or reciting the alphabet in a different order. Authorities will also check your physical appearance. However, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and loss of balance may also be caused by factors other than alcohol consumption. Some signs may show due to physical impairment, allergies, stress, medications, and even nervousness over the entire arrest incident.

DUI and DWI laws are different in every state. In addition, each DUI case is unique. Talking to a lawyer is your best approach if you have been arrested for DUI. Only he can provide the best strategies to defend you in court.

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