For Truck Drivers: Cases When You Need Professional Help in your Lawsuit

by 48 Minutes | Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018 | 172 views

truck driverTruck labor laws have changed so much recently. The trucking industry has become complicated, and it can prove to be a challenge for anyone to file a case for a labor issue. A lawyer could help you deal with your case so you can stay on the right career path. In Washington, there are attorneys specializing in truck labor law that could help you in your employment issues. Here are the labor issues which you would need their help.


When a worker reports an employer’s labor violations or unethical actions, a lawyer can protect them from a possible retaliation by their employer. In many cases, an employer could terminate or harass an employee.

Unlawful Termination

When an employee is fired unduly, they should could use it as a basis for a case. These include joining a union, violation of a contract, discrimination, or even harassment. A lawyer will help file a wrongful termination suit against your employer and could also help get you a reinstatement.

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Health and Safety Violations

Companies need to follow the safety guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA.) If a worker reports a company’s violations, a lawyer can help them bring a lawsuit for any injury or safety violation they experienced during their employment.

Wage and Labor Disputes

If a company does not provide its employees with the right wages, a labor lawyer can help the workers demand for the payment they are due.


Any kind of discrimination, whether it is racial, religious, or physical, can be used as a case for employment discrimination. The worker should discuss with their attorney the specific incidents and effects of the discrimination, whether it is emotional or financial.

People have often underestimated the importance and capabilities of legal counselors. But they can provide you with the best assistance for any labor issue you have, even in the trucking industry.

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