Glass: A Material of Elegance and Style

by 48 Minutes | Friday, Mar 20, 2015 | 728 views

In March 2014, an exhibition in the Perth Museum and Art Gallery entitled ‘Dazzle: A Glossary of Glass’ showcased different artisan glass, with a special focus on pieces made in Perth. The exhibit celebrated Perth’s glassmaking tradition, which once made the city famous the world over.

shower screenAmong the best known were the city’s high-quality decorative and domestic glassware. If you were fortunate to have seen the displays, you would have to agree that glass as art can be stunning.

Applications for glass

Art is just one of the many applications for glass. More common uses for the material are in packaging, tableware, appliances and electronics, to name a few. Everyone knows that glass is indispensable as a construction material for making mirrors and windows. Apart from artisan glass, perhaps one of the most underutilised applications of glass is in interior design.

Ornamental Uses

In today’s contemporary style, glass is perfect for a sleek, modern look not just for your home, but for your office as well. Not only can glass bring out the beauty of your home or office, it can also be practical. Your walls need not be like everyone else’s made from concrete or wood – you can choose completely glass partitions for a transparent look.

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On the other hand, if you are particular about your privacy, you can use translucent glass instead and still have your place look cool. A glass table or a glass staircase adds elegance to any interior. Painted glass is also a beautiful addition as it can look modern and classic. This type is perfect for doors, windows, office partitions and even for shower screens, especially in Perth.

Keep in mind that there are many types of glass, each intended for different purposes. With the proper application and with enough care, glass may be a practical and beautiful material to consider when you want to add some life and style to your space.

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