How You Can Know You Found a Legal Recruitment Firm You Can Trust

by 48 Minutes | Tuesday, Jan 19, 2016 | 516 views

Legal Recruitment Firm in New York CityTemporary work has been a growing trend in the legal industry. Other than freelance and contractual paralegals, many attorneys these days love the flexibility and freedom of not entering into any long-term employment commitment. In addition, temp work wouldn’t necessarily hurt your resume in case you decide to look for a permanent job down the road.

Today, industry professional Yorkson Legal shares that the key to landing suitable temporary work is finding a reputable legal staffing firm first. These agencies not only serve as your bridge to vacancies, but also make job hunting quick and convenient.

Generally, there are three signs that would tell you that the recruitment agency is the one to put your confidence in:

You Get an Interview Fast—As Promised

After you express the specific positions you’re looking for, the agency must be able tell you the available temporary attorney jobs in New York, California, or whichever state they serve, sooner than later. A dependable staffing firm always keep an updated database to effectively assist applicants like you.

As the agency should tell you if there are suitable vacancies for you as soon as possible, they can pretty much give you an idea when you should expect a call from potential employers after submitting your profile to them; or at least keep you posted if there’s any potential delay to getting you an interview.

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Your Future Employer Matches You—Once You’re Called

A reliable firm also knows the particular needs of employers. They don’t just recommend talents without careful consideration. Legal staffing professionals are expert matchmakers, connecting you to the best firms where your skills and experience would be most useful.

You Don’t Have to Pay Anything—If You’re Told

Some agencies don’t charge, while others ask for payment; it basically depends on the firm’s business model. The staffing agency must discuss this matter with you right from the start. Only dodgy agencies change mind at the last minute.

In a perfect world, all you need to do is submit your resume, wait for a call, and land the exact job you’re looking for. Realistically, though, this might not happen as efficiently as you wish because of the competition among your fellow applicants, but your agency must be transparent to you every step of the way. And that’s when you know you’re cared for.

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