Landowners Are Entitled to Remove Unauthorised People from Their Property

by 48 Minutes | Monday, Dec 18, 2017 | 364 views

Modern houseThe Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in the United Kingdom determined landowners’ rights to protect their properties against people who chose to stay on their private properties this summer season.

Landowners often evict travellers who brought vehicles, campervans, children, or pets if they cause damages or create a disturbance to the local community. As a landowner, the government has vested you powers to force unwanted persons immediately out of your property.

Landowners have the right to protect their properties

According to the “Common Law Powers,” landowners get to evict a person who could be a traveller to the property and seek appropriate damages from their unauthorised entry. Removing travellers from a private land is often done quickly to lessen the damages that may occur possibly.

The law requires travellers and gypsies to be considerate with landowners. Depending on how travellers have trespassed, landowners may either politely request them to vacate the vicinity or seek Enforcement Agents’ help to evict them forcefully.

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Police could help evict unauthorised people

Unauthorised travellers receive a written notice requiring them to leave the private premises. Enforcement Agents may request police and tow truck assistance if the travellers fail to leave the premises on the given date.

Authorities usually act fast in removing travellers from a private land to further reduce any damages that structure around the place could incur. Authorities then take pictures of the place where they have evicted travellers for them to determine if any damages have taken place.

It is lawful for landowners to evict unauthorised people like travellers from their properties to prevent any damages and maintain peace and order in the community. If needed, landowners could work with authorities to evict unwanted people from the place.

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