Legal Help: How Divorce Lawyers Assist in the Process

by 48 Minutes | Friday, Mar 11, 2016 | 406 views

Divorce Lawyer in UtahDivorce is one of the most emotional and grueling legal battles that couples face today. Nonetheless, some spouses find divorce the only option, especially if they have been under dependence and control of their partners. The divorce process is most distressing to spouses who choose to battle it out on their own in court. But, for those who work closely with divorce lawyers, it is easy to handle.

Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. explains some of the ways lawyers may assist during divorce:

Negotiate with the lawyer representing ex-spouses-to-be

Having an amicable divorce is possible, but not so if you are the one negotiating the divorce terms with your spouse. Hiring a lawyer as your emotional proxy and shield makes the divorce process easier for both parties. Lawyers from both sides take the time in negotiating and coming up with a suitable divorce settlement, especially if the children are involved.

Disclose any ‘hidden’ asset

The most sensitive part of any divorce process is determining the assets that each spouse will have. However, this is not always achieved if one spouse has hidden assets elsewhere. When spouses are sure they want to divorce, they hide or register their assets with different names. A competent divorce lawyer helps uncover the hidden assets and brings them to the negotiation table.

Calculate child support and spousal share

Although there are free online spousal and child support calculators, most spouses find them complex to use. Even if you know how to use them, you still need the help of a lawyer to state the figures correctly. Apart from calculating child and spousal support, the lawyer may also appeal for modification if conditions dictate so.

Although divorce is quite emotional and painful, it can still be done in an amicable manner. This depends on the approach you give it. Spouses who choose to involve their parents and relatives in the divorce process bring more inconvenience; it’s best to be civil about the entire matter.

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