Marketing a Family Law Firm for a Reason

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Family LawMisunderstandings, arguments, and quarrels are common within the family. Many even say, “What happens in the house stays in the house.”But sometimes these problems go over the limit, and past what a family can resolve at the dinner table. When a family member is clearly abusing another, that dispute is one for the court of law.

This is where family lawyers come in. They are legal practitioners who take cases that involve matters of individuals in a familial relationship. With the number of reports about such issues now gradually increasing, are family lawyers more in demand? Let’s take a look at the statistics.

Alarming Numbers

Two of the most common cases are divorce and child abuse. Statistical data in 2012 show that marriage rates in the U.S. are at6.8 per 1,000 of the total population, while divorce rates are at3.4 per 1,000 of the population. This supports the claim that almost 50% of the marriages in the country end up in divorce, for different reasons. Divorce is so rampant that there are 6,646 divorces happening per day, or one in every 13 seconds.

As for child abuse, more than three million reports are made every year. The most predominant case is physical abuse with a prevalence rate of 28.3%, followed by sexual abuse with 20.7%, emotional abuse with 10.6%, emotional neglect with 14.8%, and physical neglect with 9.9%, per the latest data.

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In spite of being an industrialized nation, the country loses an estimated four to seven children each day to abuse and neglect. Every year, about 6.3 million kids are involved in referrals to state child protective services, with a report of child abuse made per 10 seconds. This situation should be just as alarming.

Actions to Take

These numbers alone already say that numerous lawyers must focus on providing their services to cases that involve family matters. As a firm, procuring SEO services for your family lawyers is ideal to have the opportunities to help many. Marketing your services is a way to tell that there is hope amid these issues.

A family is the foundation of a community. Don’t let things fall apart by providing the appropriate legal services for families. Make sure that your firm gets enough exposure to let people know where to go to.

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