Mediation 101: 3 Outstanding Benefits Over Litigation

by 48 Minutes | Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018 | 160 views

Businessman and businesswoman are shaking handsYou don’t want to schedule and reschedule court appearances and meetings, right? No one is even ready to spend a fortune on a case whose outcome can never be predicted. Moreover, winning your claim is never a sure bet. However, no matter how hard you may try, the final decision lies with the jury in question.

Here are some of the benefits you enjoy when you choose the mediation route in your cases.

1. Mediation is Impartial

Unlike all other litigation processes, mediation gives each of the parties a chance to express themselves interactively. They are free to complain, give an opinion of what they think and in some cases; they are the same people who determine the final decisions.

However, there is neither pointing of fingers at one another nor determining innocence and guilt.

2. Mediation Saves Time and Money

When it is used in the earliest stages of a conflict, mediation in employment law or just any other mediation process can be more effective, and the solution can be reached in a single summon. There not many pieces of evidence, information, witnesses and documentation and filings required in the process.

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This makes it even convenient regarding times and costs involved.

3. It Identifies Underlying Issues

Here, the parties in conflict hold discussions and share information. Each of them gets to air their views as to what went down. In some cases, they end up accepting fault. This helps the mediator understand the root cause of the problems affecting their relationship, and in conjunction with the two parties, work out a solution on the same.

The bottom line is that with mediation, you don’t just cut back on legal fee costs. The process is usually short and precise. Besides, the process digs deeper to the root cause of your conflict, which translates to a long-term resolution at the end of the day.

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