Parental Alienation: 3 Reasons to Stop It ASAP

Deal with Parental Alienation ASAP in Colorado SpringsIn child custody disputes, parental alienation is the storm after the storm. It’s a dirty tactic used by the custodial parent to destroy the child’s love toward the other parent. Anger, insecurity, paranoia – whatever the cause, the only real victim of one parent’s deliberately estranging the other is the child.

It’s unfair, immoral, and illegal – it’s been a huge problem of thousands of non-custodial parents in any state, especially Colorado.

The moment you observe signs of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) in your kids, you must take legal action ASAP to save everything that matters the most to you.

Saving Your Relationship with Your Child

First and foremost, parental alienation is worth stopping sooner rather than later because it obviously puts your relationship with your kids at risk.

Here in Colorado Springs, any experienced child custody attorney would describe it as the rust that eats away the metal, compromising its integrity slowly but surely. The longer you let things this way, the more damage it can create.

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Keeping Your Parental Identity Alive

Putting a stop on parental alienation is validating your identity as a parent. As you’re no longer living with your children, you only have limited time to actually perform your duties as a father or mother to them. Take your role away, you practically non-existent in your kids’ lives.

Protecting Your Child against Abuse

Above all, psychology experts consider PAS abusive. This condition could affect the development of your children negatively. Your kids are the real victim in this kind of setup, which may cause them to develop low self-esteem, depression, and even drug dependency.

Fighting parental alienation is not just a fight for your rights as a parent, but a battle to protect your children’s psychological health. With the court’s intervention, you can put a stop to this once and for all.

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