Property Purchase: Can You Work with ‘Just a Conveyancer’?

Solicitor in TownsvilleAfter months (or even years) of thinking about it, you finally reached a decision – you want to sell or buy a property.

The reason it took you this long to decide was simple: real estate is a serious investment. Because of its precarious nature, only the wisest decisions will do. To ensure your security, it is also important to have someone in charge of the necessary documentation. If you wish to buy, an expert should go over the Contract of Sale, which comes with the advertised property.

For a seamless process, you must work with someone who knows the field. But before you seek Townsville’s solicitors specialising in conveyancing, it’s imperative to know this: There’s a big difference between a conveyancer who is also a lawyer and ‘just a conveyancer’.

The Distinction

Some people choose to work with conveyancers who are not lawyers. There is no rule that prohibits home buyers and sellers from not seeking their help. Still, those who take this route should make sure the conveyancer is fully-licensed; otherwise, they should not practice conveyancing at all. This type of conveyancer should ensure the client’s peace of mind by proving their legal operations.

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The Limits of ‘Just a Conveyancer’

While non-lawyer conveyancers are helpful, they cannot provide full services. Certain areas require the expert touch of a lawyer.

For example, only lawyers can thoroughly review the Vendor’s Statement or Contract of Sale. They can give home buyers and sellers a better insight on the acceptable and risks associated with their purchases. Also, non-lawyer conveyancers cannot offer the Powers of an Attorney when it comes to contract signing.

Conveyancers without professional legal work experience work within small circles. To get the full extent, they must partner with a lawyer, which costs clients extra fees.

Interested home buyers and sellers could make the most of their investment by working with a conveyancer-lawyer. This way, they save money and are guaranteed a full scope of services. They can be confident that a credible legal professional will represent them, paving the way for a smoother real estate investment.

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