Reclaiming Your Freedom: The Divorce Process in Utah

by 48 Minutes | Thursday, Feb 8, 2018 | 360 views

Family photo that depicts divorceIf you find yourself in an unbearable marriage, you have probably been thinking of filing for a divorce. But perhaps you don’t know how to get a divorce in Utah and what you should expect. You must understand that you must address several problems throughout the process, such as child custody arrangements and division of assets.

The process could go either smooth and fast, or toxic and slow, which is why you need a lawyer to represent you. Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. shares some facts about divorce:

1. Minimum Residency.

Individuals who wish to file for divorce must have lived with their spouse in a Utah county for at least three months.

2. Reasons for Divorce.

There are several reasons you ended up with the decision of getting a divorce. Fortunately, Utah is considered a no-fault state. This means if both parties agree to get a divorce, they wouldn’t need to give a reason. This is generally known as irreconcilable differences. In cases wherein one of you disagrees with filing for divorce, you will have to determine proper divorce grounds to go through with it.

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3. Child Custody Arrangements.

If both parties can’t decide on the type of custody arrangement for their kids, a lawyer can help. Although, a judge will make the final decision regarding custody arrangement. They will choose a strategy that they think would best benefit the children involved.

4. Divorce Fees.

Getting a divorce can be expensive, particularly if you have to pay alimony or child support. The judge that will manage your case will determine alimony. You would have to figure out how to pay for other charges, including paying for the serving and the creation of petition, attorney fees, and others. Most of the time, the judge will waive the fees if one of the parties cannot cover it. But you need to provide evidence or valid reasons why you cannot pay them.

Get in touch with a reliable lawyer if you are thinking of getting a divorce. They can give you professional advice and ease the entire process for you to reclaim your freedom.

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