Safe & Responsible Driving: It’s Not Always About You

Safe and Responsible Driving in CincinnatiSafe driving is not only for your sake as the driver, but also for those who can possibly affect unsafe driving. These include your passengers, other motorists, pedestrians, animals, and public or private property.

Safe driving isn’t limited to motorways, either. Even your own garage or driveway is a place where accidents could happen. The supermarket parking lot, the curb in front of your friend’s house, etc. — wherever you can operate a vehicle, safety should always be a concern.

To become a safer, more responsible driver, here are some pieces of advice.

Always Be Alert

Sure you know about this, and you’re generally alert while driving on the freeway. But some accidents happen where you least expect, such as your driveway, where your pet or your child could be playing.

Before getting in your car, look under it if you have a dog that likes to rest there. Walk around the car to check if you have to remove something (a bicycle perhaps). Make sure your child is inside the house or at least under adult supervision before driving off.

Don’t Drive While Drunk

What’s better than sticking to only half a glass of wine before driving? Not having any at all, or not driving at all. You need to be fully awake and alert when you drive. Even if you drive something that isn’t motorized, say, a bicycle, you can still get in an accident.

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Of course, this means you can still get stopped by the police. If you do get stopped for this, hire an OVI attorney in Cincinnati, and learn from the experience. According to the Law Offices of Steven R. Adams, OVI means operating a vehicle impaired, which also means you can be riding a bike or a horse and you’d still get stopped for being drunk.

Take Rest Stops

Even if you’re not drunk, you can still become sleepy or distracted, especially if you’ve been driving for hours or something’s been troubling you. Unless you have someone who can replace you at the wheel, take rest stops often. Stop by a gas station and get a coffee, apple, or a Coke at the convenience. Enjoy your beverage or fruit for a few minutes before driving off again.

Safe and responsible driving is good for everyone concerned: you, your passengers, the environment, etc. Don’t be that person who thought “it would never happen to me,” only to discover too late that it just did.

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