Silicon Valley: A Haven for Legal Careers

by 48 Minutes | Sunday, Sep 6, 2015 | 674 views

Legal CareerSilicon Valley is the cradle of civilization. Most of what powers the world right now came to fruition in this technology hub. From devices and other forms of infrastructure, to software and other things that run computers, a wide range of startups dealt with a variety of subjects.

What is usually not is a place for lawyers. In hindsight, however, it’s a haven for legal careers.

It may well be the last place where legal practitioners look for jobs, but they would be wrong. Week in, week out, Silicon Valley lawyers have different clients all dealing with copyright and intellectual property disputes. Them, and their trusty paralegals, don’t just run out of business. Specially now, when the Silicon Valley boom is bigger than ever. More startups will come, and more will need legal assistance to get their creations to the market.

Shrinking Specialists

Law, despite all its criticisms, remains a noble profession. People still look up to lawyers and it is still a regulated industry. Meaning it pays big, even bigger than most, to lawyers who work intently on advancing their career. But for that career to occur, someone has to go to law school first. The money is the primary roadblock, not to mention the alarming bar pass rates.

Being a lawyer is but one way to get into the legal industry. There are several ways of landing a job in law, and one of them is being a paralegal. It’s not a regulated industry and there’s no need to go through four years of law school. Furthermore, the quality of paralegal schools in Los Angeles should prepare any budding paralegals sufficiently.

Well-Rounded Firms

Silicon Valley law firms have the potential to be as well-rounded as they come. There are the lawyers, paralegal and the data scientists. It’s all about numbers and expertise in Silicon Valley; so anything that would enhance the experience is welcome.

Then, there’s the fact that the work is in Los Angeles. All the comforts of a first-world country are present, making life easier for the better. While working as a paralegal isn’t as prestigious, it’s still in line with law. Those who can’t afford to go the normal way would be joyous for this opportunity.

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