Staying Strong and Coping with Sudden Disability

by 48 Minutes | Thursday, May 11, 2017 | 450 views

A Man In A WheelchairThere are disabilities that people are born with and there are those that develop much later in life. Coming to terms with a sudden disability is just as hard; as if your world has turned upside down. You may think that your life will never be the same again, but there are positive ways to deal with and embrace your situation.

While no one anticipates suffering a disability, life sometimes holds plenty of surprises. From accidents to illnesses, there are many causes of disability. In most cases, it affects many aspects of your life, and your family’s, as well, especially if you carry much of the financial obligations. However, with a little effort and planning, you can get back on the track and recover from your losses.

Learning to Accept Your Situation

It is normal for a person with any type of illness or disability to be unhappy or frustrated. However, self-acceptance is a necessary step to leading a comfortable, happy life. Otherwise, your life might spiral out of control. Anger and decreased self-confidence often accompany a disability. As such, you should not shy away from seeking professional help. Counseling and group therapy can help you put things in perspective and acknowledge that you are not alone.

An expert can help you overcome the overwhelming negative emotions  and channel them into something productive or beneficial to your disability. There are several alternative options, as well, such as animal therapy, which proves to be highly effective.

Take Advantage of Federal or State Benefits

Sudden disability can cost you your job, especially if it involves heavy physical labor or a long treatment period. During a period of unemployment, you should take advantage of benefits provided by the state or federal government to help with medical bills and loss of income.

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To ensure a speedy process of applying and qualifying for government-sponsored programs, it is best to seek legal assistance from a law firm that focuses on claiming disability benefits. In Arkansas, for example, there are attorneys who will argue your case so you can be eligible for such benefits.  

Find a Job

Once you’ve learned to accept your situation and you feel like you’re ready to start over, the next step is to find a job and get yourself a steady source of income. Luckily, governments are now working hard to ensure that people with disability can get decent jobs and receive accommodations for their specific situation. 

Just make sure that the job you’re applying for doesn’t worsen your condition. Pick an employer that understands your situation and can make adjustments to your job function if necessary. But know that the Americans with Disability Act protects you and your rights should employers refuse to hire you.

It is understandable to feel frustrated or angry when you’re suffering from an illness or disability. But, know that life can still be fulfilling if you want it to be. Don’t be embarrassed to seek legal counsel or government benefits and work accommodations, as these will make you cope much faster and easier. 


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