The Angry Flight of Annie the Nanny Because of Surveillance

by 48 Minutes | Monday, Apr 25, 2016 | 494 views

Nanny Cam in Atlanta Annie Baddock from The Nanny Diaries has other nannies saying “Yas Queen!” with all of her sentiments. Watching Scarlet Johansson’s character go through the challenges of being a nanny is amusing and telling at the same time — not just for the nannies.

One of the best moments from the film was when Annie discovers that her employer, Mrs. X, installed a nanny cam. According to Mrs. X, she plans to use the footage against Annie (exaggerating scenarios to her friends in the process). An enraged Annie then searches for the nanny cam, discovers it hidden within a stuffed bear, and exposes the truth about the X’s and their neglect of their son.

You might think the nanny is a hot mess for doing that. But she actually has a point.

Your Side: The Need for a Nanny Cam

If putting a GPS on spouses for tracking in Atlanta is a thing, so are nanny surveillances. Installing one doesn’t mean you immediately mistrust the nanny. You’re entrusting your child in the hands of a stranger; you just want to make sure that everything will be okay. With all the stories of nannies mistreating the kids, you’re just after your child’s best interest.

Using a nanny camera is your right. Everyone can install hidden cameras in their own home, especially is they suspect questionable activity going on. The main areas of the home, excluding the bathrooms, are not private, therefore, giving you the right to record a nanny’s activities without their consent.

The Nanny’s Side: Respect Matters

Annie and other nannies also have rights. Most of them know about the nanny surveillance state and understand the need. Still, that doesn’t give you the right to violate their rights or opinions about the entire thing.

It’s important to let your nanny know about the system. They have the right to ask their employers about it, as well as request to limit the hidden cameras. The Law also insists that you can’t install cameras in private areas such as the bathroom or their bedroom.

Always respect the nanny. Refrain from using the surveillance system to win a minor spat against the nanny. If it’s something like Mrs. X’s complaint (Annie feeding Greyer peanut butter from the can), it’s not worth it.

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