The Survival Guide for Divorced Women

by 48 Minutes | Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 | 492 views

Divorced WomenWomen, by nature, are more emotional than men. Unknown to many, this is a secret advantage.

The circumstances might seem difficult in the beginning. Women are emotionally sensitive and would try their best to make amends. They would often ask advice from friends and family to determine if it’s still worth it.

Other times, they seek professional assistance from divorce lawyers. In Houston, Texas, firms such as ALP Law Firm provide legal insights. But once women decide on something, they go through with it. When they give up, they give up for good.

The Emotional Impact

On the early stages of divorce, women are left devastated. They are inclined to feel everything. Days are marked by endless chick flick marathons, tubs of Ben and Jerry’s, and nights of crying themselves to sleep. They embrace emotional support from friends and family. They willingly go through the process. They redefine their routine, learn to live without the other person, pick themselves up, and get back up again.

Men, on the other hand, fix themselves on the outside. They disregard the emotional baggage they still carry within. They may find a new partner instantly or go on a hookup spree.

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The Lengthy Process

You may be in the dark at the moment. You may be unable to live with yourself. How do you get back up?

Learn to love yourself again. It will take time. Transfer the love and energy you used to put in your marriage and give it back to yourself. You deserve it. This is where you’ll have to adjust to being alone again. Find your self-worth.

Do what makes you happy. Remember those days when you weren’t so busy being married that you used to love writing? Write again. Or read a book. Pick up that acoustic guitar in your attic. Go back to doing yoga. The possibilities have reopened. You just have to embrace it.

This is also the time to discover a new side of yourself. Some women push themselves further. They try things they have never done before. They risk investing in a business. They move to a new city. They fully accept change.

It’s never too late to start over. This bump on the road might lead you to something better, to someone better. You just have to trust in yourself. You will learn to be happy again.

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