Trump’s Immigration Agenda Remains Hot Topic in Not Just in Utah

by 48 Minutes | Thursday, May 18, 2017 | 514 views

ImmigrationPresident Donald Trump has been vocal about resolving issues about immigration policies in the country and if it does push ahead, employers who hire illegal immigrants should be the starting point of the initiative.

The issue of hiring foreign workers only represents a part of the bigger issue on immigration. Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, for instance, introduced legislation that would have reversed all sanctions imposed to certain employers during former President Reagan’s tenure.

The Republican Senator ultimately failed to garner enough support to implement the law about the employer sanctions, following opposition from minority groups.

Fair Market

While the White House’s planned reforms on immigrants in the country sparked a debate on human rights, employing undocumented foreigners present likely problems to the U.S. job market. Several studies have attributed the decline in salaries across all industries to the employment of illegal immigrants.

Illegal aliens also face the risk of exploitation, since employers can pressure them to agree on certain terms or be exposed to the authorities. In Utah, the issue becomes more relevant since the state has emerged as the top employer in the private sector and in the U.S.

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Dream Job

If there’s such a thing as a dream job, then Utah is the ideal place to look for employment. The state’s job market in March grew the most nationwide at 3.2%, while jobs from the private sector rose 3.5%, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The promising figures indicate that a robust employment market awaits students who are about to graduate from school, according to Carrie Mayne, chief economist for the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

Illegal aliens should not take the blame most of the time for gaining employment in the U.S. Instead, the government should target businesses and companies that hire undocumented people, despite knowing that the practice is against the law.

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