Types of Separation Agreements

by 48 Minutes | Thursday, Sep 27, 2018 | 194 views

Divorce agreementSeparation and divorce might seem similar, but they are different legally. In separation, a couple is considered married though they live separately. A separation agreement is essential to lay down your spousal support, shared properties and child custody.

Most people think that a separation agreement is vital for couples going through a long period of separation. A family law firm like shaynelaw.com will advise couples to get the agreement regardless of their length of separation. Here are the different types of separation agreements that might work for you:

Mediated Agreements

These are reached through mediation. In this process, a mediator will encourage you and your spouse to cooperate and reach an agreement that suits both of you. You will go for mediation conferences together with your lawyers to ensure that your interests are well represented in the final document.

Deed of Separation

If you and your husband/wife can reach an agreement voluntarily, a deed of separation is the ideal agreement for you. This legal contract will set out your future duties and privileges drawn under the guidance of a solicitor. The deed includes a specified time when your separation agreement will become a legal contract. There are no demands or rights in a deed of separation since it is a negotiation process.

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Judicial Separation Agreement

This is the option for couples who cannot agree on the stipulations of a deed of separation. There are several grounds for a couple to get a judicial separation agreement. One of them should have deserted the other for over a year or committed adultery.

With the given agreements, your separation will be hassle-free. This way, you can have enough time to work through your issues during the separation. Hopefully, the separation will not end up in eventual divorce.

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