Up For Your First Arbitration Hearing? Set Your Expectations Right

by 48 Minutes | Thursday, Oct 12, 2017 | 424 views

Interior of a court roomThe notion of showing up to arbitration to resolve a grievance can be nerve-wracking. Throughout the hearing, you will have to answer questions and the lawyers will submit pieces of evidence. They will also dispute all sides of your union arbitration case.

Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc. shares some basic facts regarding the process.

Place of Hearing

Arbitration hearings take place in boardrooms in an office building or a hotel and not in a court house. The place will be a neutral area the arbitrator booked, which means it won’t be held at the Union office or in your office space. In fact, most hotels cater to more than one hearing happening at the same time. You would have to determine your arbitrator’s name to figure out which specific room it is because the booking will be under their name.

Duration of the Hearing

Hearings usually start at 10 A.M. and are generally scheduled the whole day. They will ask you to meet with the Union lawyer an hour before to talk about some facts before the hearing starts. It’s likely that your hearing will end before 5 P.M., but it can also last longer. Just assume that you’ll be there from 9 A.M. until 5 P.M. It would be wise to plan for travels, medications, meals, and others.

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On the first day of the hearing, a lawyer privately meets with the lawyer of the employer. They will have the discussion in the hearing room or hallway and they will ask you to distance yourself. These discussions can take a while, which means you have to wait for it to end before getting an update from your lawyer. They will most likely discuss the following:

  • Initial legal subjects
  • Narrowing down the problem(s)
  • Resolving the problem(s)

If their negotiations don’t lead to a settlement, then your hearing will start. Your lawyer will be preparing you for this part of the process.

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