What Non-Entertainment Companies Can Learn from the #MeToo Movement

by 48 Minutes | Sunday, Jul 22, 2018 | 102 views

Employee harassing coworker in the officeThe extensive media focus on the #MeToo movement primarily revolved around sexual harassment allegations within the entertainment industry, yet it led employers from other industries to review their own workplace policies.

A company’s reputation is at stake when it becomes embroiled in such accusations, which is not only exclusive to those who are in show business. In fact, a study showed that sexual harassment happens in academic sciences that it sometimes becomes the reason for talented individuals to leave their jobs.

Reviewing Policies

An employment law refresher course should serve as a way for your human resources department to handle workplace harassment cases more efficiently. As of June, a survey showed that more than half of respondents examined their policies from 34% in January.

The #MeToo movement became prominent in late 2017, yet its impact remains noticeable, primarily because non-entertainment employers know that sexual harassment could also occur in their own companies.

However, more progress needs to take place, particularly in the academic science sector where the law has been inefficient, according to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s report.

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Scientific Analysis

The report cited Title IX’s loopholes as the main reason behind the pervasiveness of sexual harassment on US campuses. Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, a University of California biogeochemist, said that academic institutions can still avoid accountability without compromising their compliance with the federal law.

Gender harassment is the most common type of sexual harassment in the sciences field, which is ironic since Title IX prohibits discrimination based on gender. The report then provided several recommended solutions, including the removal of a confidentiality clause in settlement deals.

Companies should have clear policies on what constitutes as a form of harassment at the workplace. Your employees should ideally be comfortable reporting such cases, without worrying over losing their job. Otherwise, you risk losing talented employees and tainting your reputation as a business.

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