You Can’t Undo Everything: Computer Forensic Facts that Catch Online Crime

by 48 Minutes | Friday, Apr 22, 2016 | 472 views

Cyber Crime in AtlantaBefore, getting away with a crime is a matter of covering tracks. But today, that’s becoming harder to pull off, especially if it involves a computer or anything digital.

According to Eagle Investigative Services, one of Atlanta’s finest missing persons detective, finding evidence is a simple matter. With the right knowledge, you can recover, track, and manipulate technology to give you the answers.

Here are some facts about Computer Forensics you need to know:

It’s Not for Everyone, Not Even the IT Guy

Most IT graduates may not have the required skills because of the fast-changing technologies. That’s why, specializing in something instead can make a non-expert more qualified.

Computer Investigators are a Special Breed

Computer investigators undergo special training, which goes beyond technical skills. They use computers to preserve, process, and document evidence. So, having a background in technology is great, but not too much.

They’re Paralegal Tech Guys

The job of a computer investigator is almost the same as how a paralegal works. They process tons of documents, study them, and present them — just in a digital way.

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Some Fun Facts About Computer Forensics

Putting aside all the complicated tasks of a computer investigator, everything they do is amazing. Below are some of their every activity you wish you can do, too:

  • They Restore Everything – A huge chunk of their job includes recovering deleted files. And yes, everything you ever typed or do on the computer will never go away.
  • They’re All Computer Wizards – They also list down every website and every download in a particular unit. With this, they can see the attitude or behavior of a person.
  • They Know Everything, Even If It’s Not on Your Computer – To deal with physical information, they also have the capability to know anything you sent out. For example, they can determine everything you ever printed, and it doesn’t matter if you’re using a USB drive or a floppy disk.

Computer investigators are the modern police, but it really doesn’t take an IT expert to become one. With the right kind of knowledge and dedication, everyone can help others with just a click of the mouse.

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